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An Unexplored Island is Home to a Mysterious Tribe

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North Sentinel Island

North Sentinel Island, located in the Indian Ocean and part of the Andaman Islands archipelago, is home to the ancient tribe of the Sentinelese, which continue to puzzle the scientific community.

The primitive tribe is very hostile toward outsiders and adamantly refuses to have contact with the civilized world.

The inhabitants of one of the least explored islands on the planet are famous for being one of the last tribes untouched by civilization.

North Sentinel Island continues to be one of the least known islands in the world and because of the aggressive tribe living on its territory, few people dare to study it.

Some observations show that the Sentinelese tribe consists mainly of hunter-gatherers, who obtain food mainly through hunting, fishing and the gathering of wild plants, growing on the island.


The Sentinelese don't use agriculture and have not mastered fire, similar to the African Aka tribe, which was believed to have been the only tribe that did not use fire.

Data received on the population of the Sentinelese people are not categorical but contradictory. The tribe is known for its great secrecy and during several attempts to count them, representatives of the Indian government prevented the researchers from doing their work.

At the moment, it can only be assumed that the primitive tribe consists of about 100 people, with the men numbering more than the women.

Genetic investigation some time ago proved that the first human population outside of Africa appeared on one of the isolated islands in the Andaman Islands Archipelago, where their way of life was preserved for 60 000 years.

In the historical records it states that in the past, even pirates feared sailing near these islands in the Indian Ocean, since the tribes in the region are exceptionally warlike and aggressive. No small part of them were also cannibals.

The native inhabitants of the Andaman Islands - the Great Andamanese, are today a small minority, and their spoken language has no relation to any other known language in the world.