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Dwarfs lived on an Island in the Pacific

Dwarfs lived on an Island in the Pacific

Dwarfs in fairy tales are described as small humanoid creatures who live in the woods or mountains.

Mountain Dwarfs spend most of their time underground digging tunnels. Customary to believe that Dwarfs were miners.

Dwarfs lived on an Island in the Pacific

However do they only exist in Mythology and fairy tales? The question has been raised recently.

A group of researchers from the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa, published an article in which they report to have discovered a skeleton belonging to a Dwarf. It is said that the dwarf Inhabited islands in the Pacific Ocean about 2800 years ago.

Scientists discovered caves on one of the islands of the Republic of Palau located in the western Pacific Ocean. There they uncovered the remains of bones of at least 25 people. Some of the features have led the experts to conclude that the ancestors of the inhabitants of Palau were Dwarfs. Also from their findings it was said that the men would had weighed no more than 43 pounds and the women no more than 29 pounds.

An Anthropologist examined the cemetery in the caves of the island. On finding a mass grave four miles north of the caves he discovered it was for children. The scientist however hesitates to say weather they were dwarfs or that of a separate race as the neighboring islands has been inhabited by Homo Sapiens which were of normal size.

We do not know how reliable the research findings are.

There are still debates about whether dwarfs are kind of people from the Homo Sapiens.

Experts believe that these mysterious people were actually people suffering from diseases that caused reduction in growth.

And so it remains a mystery.