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Pope Francis's Tips for a Peaceful Life

Antonia R.Antonia R.
Pope Francis

According to Pope Francis, a person can assure themselves a peaceful and easy-going life by following just 10 tips. The pope shared his thoughts in an interview in the Argentinian newspaper Clarin.

The interview was given to the media to commemorate the first 500 days of his pontificate. Another curious coincidence occurred during the interview - it lasted exactly 77 minutes and was held on July 7th.

The pope's tips are as follows:

1. Live and let live - The holy father says that by following this principle, a person can avoid numerous unnecessary conflicts with the people that surround him. This phrase was used for the first time during the First World War to avoid combat.


2. Give to others - According to Pope Francis, our generosity toward others will help us become more serene, while egotism will make us more tense;

3. Progress slowly - This tip is based on the assertion that we need to be humble. The pope exemplifies this tip by pointing to slowly flowing water which always reaches its destination;

4. Value your free time - The pope advises to turn off the TV when you're having dinner with your family, so as to share your free time with those dear to you. The pope states that we need to socialize more with the people around us in our free time instead of introspecting;

5. Share Sunday with your family - Pope Francis explains that it's a must for us to spend the last day of the week with the people closest to us;

6. Help the younger people - The pope advises us to aid the younger people, and not just with clothes, food and shelter, but also with educational courses, with which they can discover their hidden talents and develop their abilities;


7. Take care of the environment - The holy Pope states that caring for the environment is every person's responsibility;

8. Quickly forget the negative things - Intrusive thoughts and a negative mindset, aside from disturbing our peace, get in the way of our personal development;

9. Respect other people's ideas - According to the pope, we should always seek dialogue with others and respect their ideas and opinions, and not try to discourage them;

10. Work for peace - "The call for peace must be shouted. Peace sometimes gives the impression of being quiet, but it is never quiet, peace is always proactive, " announced Pope Francis.