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Uranus Goes Retrograde

Antonia R.Antonia R.
Retrograde Uranus

Beginning Tuesday, July 22nd, until December 21st, Uranus enters into its retrogradation phase. The planet will move in an opposite direction in the sign of Aries, which will lead to the representatives of the fire sign feeling the retrogradation phase the most.

In astrology, the planet Uranus rules over innovation, revolution, rebellion and uniqueness, with these characteristics of the planet being emphasized when it goes retrograde.

Once Uranus begins its backwards motion, the tendency toward discovering something new and exceptional is greatly increased. This period provides an upsurge in the tendencies toward ingenuity.

Uranus is the planet symbolizing freedom, space and new ways of development.


Its retrograde motion will make us more bold when pursuing our goals. Our courage and desire for growth will be greater than usual, while completely freeing ourselves from traditional norms and perceptions of the world.

The interests toward analysis and psychology will also be often seen during the period of Uranus's retrogradation phase.

While Uranus is retrograde, it is possible for us to feel more restless and tense, while our desire for freedom will be extremely high, especially when it comes to work obligations that need to be completed within a certain time frame.


The planet of innovation moves backwards in Aries, which will escalate the attitudes for rebellion against authority and the hierarchy. This may lead to a halt to the submission of circumstances in our lives up to this point, a desire for change and the rejection of things or people, which we believe to be hindering our growth.

The retrograde phase of Uranus will be particularly felt by Aries, with them beginning to express themselves more brightly, boldly and especially emotionally during this period.

The retrograde planet will bring many positive changes to representatives of the first zodiac sign of the horoscope, as long as they do not resist the new.

There is a chance for Aries to appear more tense than usual in the coming months, since they will need to solve old-time problems. But ultimately, Uranus will guide them toward something new and better, which they will conquer by themselves.