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Libra Woman and Libra Man Love Compatibility

Male and female Libra

There is hardly a more harmonious couple than this one. They have very successful relations, having made great efforts for such beforehand. Libras, in general, are quite understanding and honest, preferring to check and measure their relations with someone thousands of times and to become convinced that they must end them, instead of easily breaking up. They are exceptionally responsive and patient, good-hearted, but as with anyone, they have their limits.

You will rarely find a Libra that will tell you that you've gone too far - normally they wait a while so that you yourself find out that something's wrong. However, if you do not take the opportunity to realize what's wrong, accept that your relations with that person are over. In other words - they tolerate things silently for a long time, until the moment when those things become too personal and they show you that life still goes on even without you.


Now imagine that these relations are in a connection between two partners. On one hand very romantic - holding hands, deep eye contact, genuine sighs of those in love, but on the other hand - what are they thinking about, did I go too far etc. They are not the most confident of zodiac signs - they are constantly tormented by the most elementary and every day questions to fundamental ones.

And that is why the connection between the Libra woman and Libra man is a challenge, at least at the very beginning. Once they have become familiar with each other and know the boundaries of the other - the connection can go on forever. That which may break them apart is the lack of quick decision-making.

Libras are always wondering what to choose, which is best, what if I choose incorrectly, and in such situations, the other usually makes the decision, but what happens when both are this indecisive? If not one of them makes the final decision, things become very complicated.

In general, the sexual attraction between the male and female Libra is not particularly powerful but it is exactly that which they have felt. They are so wonderfully compatible, that sex is somehow left behind in the background in this relationship. If they were to make a family, it would definitely be strong. If they have needs and the partner doesn't know what they are, they must first ask themselves if they have given the necessary attention toward the partner. It is all about reciprocation in this relationship.