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Capricorn Woman and Libra Man Love Compatibility

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Libra and Capricorn highly value their partnership, being equally involved in it, but in a different way. The Capricorn is a bit more reserved than the Libra when it comes to expressing emotions, while she does put the practical expression of love on a pedestal.

The Libra man is a great listener. He uses logic and intellect in every aspect of his life. His aura is incredibly pleasant, and when combined with his wonderful smile, he can attract anyone's attention.

At his core, he is a sentimental, cautious and intelligent person, with a ready answer for every issue. Libra seeks balance and is always just with the people around him. In love he is very romantic, avoiding all conflicts with the woman by his side.


The Capricorn woman is a true leader. She is supremely noble and strong. Normally she avoids superficial and improper behavior, especially in society. She loves people with ambition and self-confidence, for she possesses both.

Climbing the social ladder is a goal by which she feels important. Women of this zodiac sign are incredibly attached to their family and loved ones.

They care for them and protect them by any means necessary. In a relationship, they are truly devoted partners, wanting stability from their man.

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Eloquence and romance are important for the male Libra, while Capricorn appreciates the sense of stability that he gives. His readiness to adapt to her style of attitude makes her value and recognize his qualities.

Libra, in turn, has need of support and dependability, not pressure. If the Capricorn woman allows herself to pressure him, he may feel very hurt and his ego does not easily recover.

As a whole, the male Libra is the most irresistibly charming gentleman out of all the zodiac signs. He supports the female Capricorn in every sense of the word, while he receives loyalty and devotion.

But on the other hand, the Libra man will always hold to his independence and must be careful not to deny the woman by his side too roughly.

Whenever the always cautious Libra man and Capricorn woman begin a relationship, they will find mutual trust. They will discover the beauty of love, which dominates the world.

Every time they peer into each other's eyes, the blood in their veins will quicken and their hearts will begin beating furiously.