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Aquarius Woman and Capricorn Man Love Compatibility


The compatibility between these two zodiac signs is relative. Sometimes the Aquarius woman is quite unrestrained and says things which may hurt the self-esteem and dignity of the Capricorn man. She may make a particular error when making a comment that hasn't been thought out or a remark in front of the Capricorn's family - which is more than sacred to him.

If you think that the male Capricorn is one of those guys who do not anger easily - get him together with a female Aquarius. She is spontaneous and outlandish, sometimes thinking long on an issue, making a decision and then changing her mind at the last minute. This may definitely infuriate the otherwise calm Capricorn.

That which the Aquarius woman needs to know when getting together with a Capricorn man is that she must respect his family.


She must never allow herself to comment on his loved ones because this may successfully ruin their relationship. Dear ladies, do not think that he doesn't see the shortcomings of his relatives - he just doesn't think that this is a reason for turning against them.

Capricorn is of the signs that are able to keep their self-composure and to react after thinking, while the female Aquarius often says and does things that have not been thought out. If she is able to stop herself from making unnecessary comments about the family of the man by her side, this connection may have a happy continuation.


Capricorns on the other hand, are very precise in what they want - at least for themselves. That which will attract them to the Aquarius woman is her purity and directness, her portrayal as a forthright person. But do not be fooled - Capricorn completely discounts rudeness and supremacy as positive qualities in a woman.

They would be able to create a good family if they learn to understand each other and the Aquarius woman restrains herself in certain aspects. If she expects that the man by her will change - this will most likely not happen. The forged principles and character in the Capricorn are extremely difficult to change, and actually even more likely never to change.

The male Capricorn judges an attitude or event more easily than the female Aquarius, but is more likely to endure a situation in which he feels uncomfortable, unlike her. If an Aquarius decides that a situation is not to her liking, she simply leaves - she does not wait, does not count to 10. Sexually, the Capricorn man will not feel quite understood sometimes but this is due to the regular mood changes in the Aquarius woman.