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Capricorn Woman and Sagittarius Man Love Compatibility

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The Capricorn woman does not like being stereotyped. She is exceptionally fun, capable and proficient but at the same time does not see herself as the best.

She puts in all of her energy into her work, family, man and expects the same from him. No matter how busy she is with work, she never forgets her loved ones and is good at showing it.


The Sagittarius man by her is a bit of a strange one. It's not that nothing can bring them together, it's that their match according to the stars speaks more of a really great friendship, rather than a love relationship. It is that friendship that is based on the full trust of the Sagittarius man toward the Capricorn woman.

She is able to create this sense in others, which is quite real and explainable - the female Capricorn is an easy-going and reliable partner. If you entrust her with a secret, it is extremely unlikely that she will ever reveal it.

The trust that he feels toward her makes her feel truly special. If deeper relations come about between them, it is possible they will work out. It is actually perfectly normal for entrusting your heart to someone that you already feel so close to.


The problem is that this relationship will lack emotions. Their partnership will be strong, they will share everything but they won't have that passion that is inherent to those in love.

On the other hand, they practically won't have anything to argue about - they have a wonderful friendship between them, they are serene in love because they have faith in each other. That which they have can quickly and easily lead to marriage.

If they are able to reach that point, true understanding will reign between the Sagittarius man and Capricorn woman. They will solve issues together, bring up their children together - as a whole they will have a completely normal family.

All of a sudden, the differences between 2 people do not seem so catastrophic to their fate, because besides trust, nothing else in a relationship has as much importance.

Sexually, you will not be in your element but you feel such true love toward each other that it is possible for you to ignore the absence of anything else.