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Taurus Woman and Capricorn Man Love Compatibility

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The connection between a Capricorn man and Taurus woman is remarkably strong and will stand the test of time. Their compatibility is incredibly high. Both have a need of stability and security in the emotional aspect, as well as in the financial one.

But if they create a family, they will be the perfect couple. There will live in their own world and protect their home from the influence of the outside world. For them, the comfort of home will be the most important thing.

Neither of them will have a need of anyone else, they will rarely even see their friends. The Capricorn man has a great need of love, which will make him practically dependent on his partner.


The Taurus woman, who only gives her heart when she is sure that she loves the right person, becomes highly attached to the Capricorn man. Both signs easily become attached to each another.

Their union is deep and can last many long years. Both of them have the same interests, desires and goals. They can work together in order to achieve their shared goals and would never argue about who should take the reins. What's important for them is the result, not the ambitions of a leadership role.


In the bedroom, the couple is highly compatible. They are sensual and passionate lovers, which solidifies their marriage. The arguments between them are a necessary part of their lives but can easily be overcome because both easily forgive when they love.

The Capricorn man and Taurus woman have a pedantic approach to everything they do. The female Taurus will gladly accept the mentoring ways of the Capricorn, as long as her partner does not go too far and doesn't require her to be submissive.

It is the Taurus woman who will explode whenever the Capricorn goes too far in his requirements of her, but peace in the family will easily be restored.

The female Taurus likes to be mentored, since she is more inert than her partner and prefers to follow directions, rather than taking on her own initiative.

The male Capricorn has a thin sense of humor, bordering on criticism. He often jokes about the negative features of his partner, who doesn't take these types of jokes too well.