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Pisces Woman and Capricorn Man Love Compatibility

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The Pisces woman and Capricorn man understand each other well. Capricorn will feel gentleness toward his romantic girlfriend, who lives in a world of her own fantasies.

Sometimes however, he will see her as a nonserious and immature woman, that still cannot grow up. The woman born under the sign of Pisces will feel safe in the arms of the serious and dependable Capricorn.

But some minor problems will arise in this harmonious balance. The male Capricorn, a strong and wise man, cannot accept (in his view) his partner's stupid habit of fantasizing and living outside reality.

If he falls under her influence, he may make huge mistakes, thus putting his home life with the lady Pisces at risk.

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This would not be wise, since he is the one who pushes both their lives forwards. The female Pisces is sensitive and emotional, she has need of a man who will not only provide security, but also romance and sentimentality. And it is precisely romance and sentimentality that are not the strong suit of the male Capricorn.

He, in turn, will be disappointed by the fact that even though they are together, she still remains flighty and fickle, as she was in the beginning of their relationship.

The Pisces woman has need of action and impulse, while the Capricorn is used to routine and the infamous gloominess, that he tends to show. In order for their relationship to be harmonious, the Capricorn man must give the Pisces woman enough freedom for her to feel comfortable. He must also make peace with her love of dreams and fantasy.

In order for the relationship to be stable, the Pisces woman must also make at least one compromise - that being, to place the home at the forefront.

It is very important to the Capricorn man for the lady by his side to be a good homemaker and to take care of the house - then he will love her with all his heart. But this is exactly what is quite difficult for the Pisces woman.