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Aquarius Woman and Gemini Man Love Compatibility

Love compatibility

These two zodiac signs are most akin in regard to their antics and the strange ideas that pop into their heads. They rarely say no to the proposal of the other, simply because the foolishness that they hear sounds good to them. They have a peculiar relationship - they understand each other quickly and easily and this helps them keep that relationship intact.

If one of them notices that they're going too far, they realize this quickly enough to be able to stop in time. This is true harmony. They do not have many reasons to argue because they are alike. The female Aquarius has been defined as the most strange representative of the zodiac. In that case, the male Gemini can proudly bear the title of the strangest man in the zodiac.

Problems may occur related to flying in the clouds among your dreams and your unwillingness to get back down to earth. Sometimes it is good for a person to get back down in order to look around them and to try to remain in reality at least for a short time. This is a complex issue for both signs, especially if they are together and consequently, problems may emerge.


It's not that one of them will be more down-to-earth than the other - the circumstances will simply be too real for permanent flight. The lack of knowledge on how to solve the issue will create tension between the Aquarius woman and Gemini man.

The good thing is that you are both reasonable and if this manages to break you apart, you will still remain very close friends. A good friendship between former lovers is a rarely seen phenomenon but in this case it is quite possible and even recommended. The telepathic connection that you have, the way you sense each other, makes you remain close and give each other support.

You will also fit well sexually - you will always think of new things. These will be liked by both of you, and ultimately that is what's most important in sex - for both partners to feel happy. If you do not create a family, then this relationship will at least leave a lasting impression in your consciousness.



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02.06.2014 22:43
I do not know what is the base for the statements of this article... I am an Aquarius woman and the worst relationship i had was with a Gemini ! There was not much understanding as the article states... any friendly relationship would be a waste of time as well. People are too complex and different to just categorize them in a dozen of types... In my humble , personal opinion, this is just not true... at all...