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Libra Woman and Scorpio Man Love Compatibility

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The beginning of the relationship between these two zodiac signs does not portend any problems or storms. During the first few dates, everything looks to be perfect. The Libra woman sees a very reserved and quiet person, who shares little, but is very good, cautious and sweet.

It is as if everything he says to you has been thought out, as if he knows what you will ask him. The Scorpio man looks to be quite vulnerable and takes an extremely careful approach to the new relationship, testing the ground, asking questions, does not get fully into it right away. The conclusion that the Libra lady makes is that this man has lived through a terrible breakup, most likely recently.


And she is impressed, there appear to be amazing moments to follow with this person. Do not be too trusting - the Scorpio does not bear this name in the zodiac without good reason. He is secretive and quiet, but only in the beginning. This does not make him bad, but this sweetness and goodness are replaced by a double dose of jealousy and a commanding respect - something that the Libra does not easily tolerate.

The female Libra has many friends and acquaintances, she does not divide them into male and female. She prefers to call them "interesting people", but for the male Scorpio, her friends are the women and the men are a potential threat. And even if the female Libra accepts this and gets used to the idea that jealousy is simply a part of her partner and tries not to give him reasons to worry, another storm is brewing.


The sport practiced by male Scorpios is the leading of fierce discussions. They have a very authoritative nature and have a difficult time overcoming this. They don't even see it as something bad. The love between these two zodiac signs is a bit more unconventional. If we were to talk about compromises in other relationships, this word is actually weak here.

Many talks and many proofs - this is the way to maintain good relations. Of course, do not think that only the Scorpio will rule, he is also ready to compromise. You will have a harder time convincing him that he's wrong but it is not impossible.

They are both able to love exceptionally passionately but are quite extreme - it looks as if everything is at both ends of the spectrum with them, there is no in between. Such a relationship is difficult, but not impossible - there will be considerable efforts and immense compromises made on both sides.

The Scorpio man is responsible - if you have a family he will take care of it without complaint. The Libra woman will once again apply her famous sense of balance and things will work out.