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Libra Woman and Virgo Man Love Compatibility


A Libra woman and Virgo man is considered a good couple. They can have their difficult moments, but this wouldn't cause them to go their separate ways.

Indeed, a Virgo man enjoys the company of a Libra and although he is a stay-at-home persona and loves to spend his time secluded, he would not be opposed to going out to have fun in the company of his partner and within a broader range of people, if she encouraged him. Suffice for it to become routine in the activities that they want to do together as a couple, and he will follow her, without complaint, although a Libra woman has a bit of a difficult time making definite plans. Around her, confusion reigns sometimes.

Although a Virgo man is very picky in choosing friends, he can often be seen surrounded by Libra women. The Libra woman is smart, elegant, with genteel and well expressed manners - a very attractive combination of properties, which a Virgo can hardly resist. Either way, he would remain in her captivity, because he is always looking for worthy company and a good friend, two things he will surely find in the Libra. However, a friendship between them would not last very long, since it would become more and more difficult for them to stay away from each other and they would develop their feelings into a serious relationship.

Very stable and balanced by nature, a Virgo would satisfy the Libra’s strong need of emotional security. She feels best when loved and happy, and a Virgo man knows how to achieve this. He would do everything within his abilities to be able to keep the woman of his heart, without letting anyone too close to her, but without limiting her only to his circle of friends. He readily demonstrates that he feels proud of the achievements of the woman by his side, and this can cause a representative of Libra to "melt" with appreciation. She will always be happy to boast of the best aspects of her life with the man beside her and call upon her optimism, so that they can get through the difficult periods with courage.

Although they remain satisfied, their sex life is not all-consuming passion but will adhere them to one another. The excessive need of a Libra woman to be emotionally supported develops into a desire to be courted and welcomed by her partner in sex, and if he gives her the necessary confidence, then their family life will have an undisputed future. It is not customary for them to have raging uncontrollable emotions. They are a somewhat restrained sex couple because both prefer to enjoy the mentally pleasing company of the other and can neglect the physical connection.

Libra woman and Virgo man will develop as individuals, growing thanks to the worldview of the other without interfering with their own views.

In fact, they receive great benefits from communicating with each other and can enhance their relationship because of their mutual trust and respect. They complement each other in a strange way, but it is not something that gets in their way, rather it will make them more interconnected.

A Libra woman and Virgo man may live their life a bit monotonously and idly, but their relationship will be characterized by clarified responsibilities, well-defined goals and harmony. Such partners will become closer and will bind more strongly over the years.



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Comments (3)

10.02.2014 14:33
virgo man though they are good lovers, but they criticize so much that i always end up crying. the sex relationship part is so untrue, all he can is talk about sex. :
when i talk to him is is not even interested in it. no mental peace.
24.11.2013 18:18
true, Silva. I'm a libra too and currently dating a virgo guy. while virgo guys are sweet and attentive, I do notice they're a bit over critical side though. it honestly drives me insane. they're just too negative at times :/
03.11.2013 02:17
I always read how virgo man and libra woman do make a good couple in a way, but I have also noticed and heard that it mostly never works out :/ I do loooove virgo men though, ALOT of libra woman do, actually. I just wonder why it doesnt work out in the end!