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Taurus Woman and Sagittarius Man Love Compatibility


Everyone has their own image of the person they are seeking. Maybe not the physical traits, but at least some character traits. If in the beginning of your love life, this is not so, sooner or later it will be.

Or if you don't get together with your first love, which would actually be great, but unfortunately happens rarely and to a very few people.

So the image of the person suitable for me is defined - what they should be, what they should not be. However, none of these things matter at all.


Because you will either fall in love with a person who has all the things you supposedly don't like or you will become agitated with time by all the things that you thought you wanted in the beginning.

In other words, it would probably be best not to enter a specific relationship burdened with expectations toward the person. So live in the moment and if it works out - welcome it, if not, that means there is something better and more appropriate for you.

Sometimes it's difficult to think like this but is still a thousand times easier than creating false illusions. Illusions of a person who does not exist or one who you will begin to find faults in, no matter how perfect they seem in a given moment.

That is not how things are in the relationship between a Taurus woman and Sagittarius man. Here we see a strange symbiosis between these 2 zodiac sign representatives.


The Taurus woman has a need of security from her man, she seeks it; it can even be said that she requires it. The Sagittarius man, in turn, has the ability to embark on adventures - he loves this very much.

Sometimes he has the need for someone to help him, i.e. encourage him, which is perfectly fine for the Taurus woman. She has the capability to motivate others around her.

If they manage to complement his thirst for adventure with hers for security, they can create warm relations.

If they create a family, they will also get along well - he will fulfill his mission as a responsible father and man, and she, hers as a mother, who balances her home and work obligations.

They will have some problems related to him feeling cornered, while she thinks that he is not motivated enough, but this will not be anything serious.