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Aquarius Woman and Virgo Man Love Compatibility


Simply stated, the relationship between a Virgo man and a female Aquarius is difficult.

The connection is not impossible, but between them there will be constant quarrels and disputes, and separation is very likely. Of course, if both are in love and have really deep feelings between them, they may try to keep their relationship going, but it will cost them much time, effort and compromise. But of course this is not an all-encompassing rule.

If there is one thing they complement each other with, it's jealousy. Both characters are jealous, the difference is that the lady Aquarius (albeit with quite a strong sense of ownership) does not like to feel that she is trapped in any kind of relationship, this suffocates her.

The two zodiac signs match well at an intellectual level – they can chat for a long time, about interesting topics. Friendships between Aquarius and Virgo are complete and genuine, and they can be good colleagues. In intimate relationships, that which may stop them from having a deeper connection is excessive sexual aggression from Virgo. An Aquarius woman can thrive without sex - for her it is far more important to have pleasant and intellectual conversations. The Virgo man, on the other hand, likes their activities in bed, as well as their talks.

Virgo is an Earth sign and is actually not particularly suited to the air sign of Aquarius. Aquarian women are naturally distracted (even in their relations with others). Virgo men are stable and that is why it is possible for sparks to fly between them. Another thing that divides this zodiac pair is that a Virgo man is a materialist, while the Aquarius woman is perhaps one of the few women in the zodiac, who does not care about money or material possessions. The Virgo, is organized and definitely loves a homely atmosphere, which completely contrasts with the artistic Aquarian.

If the two signs manage to match their differences, however, expect a long and wonderful relationship - be it love or friendship. A Virgo man and Aquarius woman love strongly if they fall in love for real. If they commit a little more effort, the love between them can last forever.



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25.01.2014 20:36
... hehe, a little effort, 7 years of relationship, talking as many as we want, he is kind of sadistic, crazy in bed, really steady when it comes to resolving some problems, never ever cheated... now in marriage. We want 2 kids, and go on, hand in hand, even when we have quarrels. :D