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Dreaming of a sealed tooth? You'll find long-lost property

Dream of Teeth

If you dream of teeth, you expect serious trouble associated with diseases. If your tooth is lost from your mouth, you expect failure or unpleasant news. If you dream a dentist pulled a tooth out, you expect a disease with which they will be able to deal with.

If you seal a teeth in your dream, after much searching you will find lost items of value to you. To dream that you clean your teeth, means you will have to fight for happiness. Dreaming that you use false teeth, means that you attack enemies from which you want to escape. If three teeth fall in a pile, you should expect good news. To dream that you have beautiful, white teeth, means you will soon be rid of all the trouble that you have gathered.

If you draw a tooth, that falls and you can not find it, it means that you expect a meeting soon, which you want to ignore. However, in time you will be reconciled with that person and you will have mutual benefits. To dream that your teeth are clean, but they still are not shining, predicts that you will entrust your interests to someone who is actually a insecure partner.