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The meaning of moles on your face

The meaning of moles on your face

Moles do not always mean trouble for people. Below, their significance is discussed.

Moles can complement the beauty of aperson, especially when you think of super model Cindy Crawford, and the attractive and talented singer Enrique Iglesias. Who can forget the pop diva Madonna! Well, not everyone considers themselves to be attractive when there are moles on their face. They often cause pain, especially when they appear on the face! Many resort to their removal through modern medical methods, but very few are aware of the importance they have. From ancient times, it is known that the moles on the face have a certain purpose. There are various theories about their importance. It is also determined by their size and shape. Let's look at some of the meanings of moles on the face, that come to us from ancient times.

The meaning of moles on your face

If a mole appears on the forehead, it brings happiness to men. For women, these moles mean happiness in marriage. A mole located on the right side of the forehead is a sign of a man with extraordinary qualities. Experts say that in this case he / she will have a very successful life. A mole on the left side shows a person of great strength and determination. This individual is extravagant by nature.

A mole on the cheek, in he lip area, shows that you have a fun and joyous life. It also means that you're to be famous. A mole on the cheek, near the ear, speaks of fame and fortune at a very early age. You will prosper, but be careful about your future and secure it well. Moles on the right cheek show a lovable person who loves to flirt. A mole on left cheek suggests a person who is very focused in life. Moles on both cheeks indicate somebody who needs to put much effort and hard work in, to succeed in life.

Moles under the eyebrows are also important. Moles below the right eyebrow indicate a person with a light and pleasant character, which can also cope with all difficulties in life. Moles under the left eyebrow indicate a high level of intelligence and a man who is blessed with creative skills. These people should follow their instincts to have a successful life, coupled with wealth.

Moles in the upper lip are a sign of a person with a strong character that strive to reach their goals. This is a sign and generosity. Moles on the lower lip show a slightly reserved person - that person is probably quiet by nature, with a clear direction for achieving their goals.

A mole on the chin indicates someone who tends to eat more food than necessary! A mole on the bottom of the chin indicates a person who loves to be in motion and has a thirst for adventure.

A mole on the ear is a sign of a thoughtful and considerate man who is lucky. A mole on the right side of the nose means a person who loves to travel and has a passion for nature. Moles on the left side of the nose indicate a person who can adapt easily to different environments.

The significance of moles on the face is not an accurate way to determine the nature of people. All this may serve as a guide only and may not be considered a final judgment on someone.



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