Teeth Falling Out

What does it mean to dream of Teeth Falling Out?

1. If you dream that you're teeth are falling out you'll learn about someone's death.

2. If a molar or wisdom tooth falls out, a distant person will die, while if a front tooth falls out, a close relative will die.

3. If a tooth falls out and the area it was in hurts, it's likely a relative or someone close to you will die.

4. If it doesn't hurt, the person to die won't be close to you.

5. But it's not mandatory for a falling tooth to necessarily portend death.

6. The falling of all or many teeth may be seen as a sign of upcoming cataclysms and disasters.

7. As a whole, the falling of a tooth is a sign of serious problems, so you have to be careful if you have such a dream.

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