What does it mean to dream of Falling?

1. To dream that you fell from a tree, means that you reviled..

2. To dream that you fall without getting hurt, predicts profit..

3. To dream that you fell from a ladder, predicts humiliation..

4. To dream that your teeth, hair or nails fall out, suggests that you experience a panic in connection with certain problems because you know you can not decide..

5. To dream that you fall into the sea, means injunction..

6. To dream that you see someone else fall, signifies that soon your troubles will come to an end..

7. Alternatively, to dream you fall in water, marshes or a river, means the deliverance from the evil intentions of the enemy..

8. To dream that you fall from a height, signifies that you should stop waiting for anything better otherwise you will fail..

9. To dream that you fall in the deep clear water, sea, ocean, foretells that many people will respect you..

10. To dream that you fall from a bicycle, means you can get fired if your not accurate..

11. To dream that you fall without knowing and without any damage, means fear of sudden shocks and you will bear the losses..

12. Dreaming of falling leaves, suggests grief and sadness to the heart..

13. To dream of falling fruit, suggests that you wasted your opportunities..

14. To dream that you fall from a height and there's nothing to catch you, predicts that you're in a severe situation, because of something you feel very insecure about..

15. To dream that you have concerns and did not fall from a height, suggests that you have realized reality..

16. To dream that you see another fall, means you will soon come the end of your troubles..

17. To dream that you fall in the water and swim to safety, means you will get back what you have withdrawn..


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Comments (2)

16.10.2015 04:42
I dreamt I was walking with my daughter and her friend through a glass building on a windy day. My daughter jumped to reach the other side and fell through the floor and the floor below that.
04.02.2015 22:52
I dreamt of holding on to an iron grill but not falling from a great height looking to negotiate a person who was after me.