What does it mean to dream of Church?

1. If you see in a dream a church, you will find a way to be happy and relieved.

2. If you paint a church in your dream, you are to confront a lack of open justice.

3. Build a church in your dream and you will have the fortune to be honoured, respected and wealthy.

4. If you pray in church, your wishes will come true.


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04.08.2014 10:01
last night i had dream,
i was inside the church looking for my dad,
i saw him outside the church because there were no vacant seats inside.
before i went to him, i saw a woman singing a song and sing along with her,
and smiles at me.
i've also seen my co-catechist and the scholars that weve been teaching.
And now, im not active in the church, is this a sign that i should continue to serve others