What does it mean to dream of Books?

1. If you buy books in your sleep, then in reality you will increase your belongings.

2. Binding a book in your dream will take care of the farm and family.

3. If you dream of torn book pages, then you will lose something important.

4. If you are printing books in your dream, you will receive good news.

5. If you see an open book in your sleep, expect travels.

6. If you read a book in your sleep, you will have profits and gains, will be exalted in the workplace.

7. If you dream of a closed book, you will have failures.

8. Writing a book in your dream, you are bored and discontent.

9. If you dream of a crime or a fantasy book, expect surprises.

10. If you dream of a burning a book, then you will irrevocably lose love, or a good friend.

11. If you read a science book in your sleep, expect respect.

12. If you dream of a church book, expect peace and happiness.


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