Singing, Singer

What does it mean to dream of Singing, Singer?
Singing, Singer

1. Dreaming of singing to a child, predicts that you have joy ahead of the family.

2. To dream of singing in a church, suggests that you are to find new goals and incentives in your life.

3. To dream you see songs or singers, predicts that you will pass something that is threatening.

4. To dream that you hear a male singing bass, means you will be in a mess with the people you love.

5. To dream of fake singing, means you may have trouble and confusion in the workplace.

6. Dreaming of hearing opera singing, means you will rise in high society.

7. To dream of pop singing, suggests that you are gathering with friends.

8. To dream that someone is singing, suggests that you will get news related to love.

9. To dream you hear a woman singing, predicts that you should be careful what sort of an impression you leave on people around you.


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