Superstitions about Moon

Superstitions and beliefs about Moon. Collection of superstitions of Moon. Local and international superstitions about Moon - Ancient Superstitions.
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To see the moon over your right shoulder, indicates happiness.

To see the full moon, represents no money. To see the full moon above the fire, represents to have plenty of money.

If men pray to the full moon, represents youth and money. If women pray to the moon, represents luck and long hair. If man and women pray together towards the full moon, signifies them to conceive.

If an animal to mate during the full moon, represents the offspring to be good. To was your hair on a full moon, signifies it falling out.

To sow and plowing during the time of the full moon, represents luck.

To take a hen on a full moon, represents empty eggs. To sow corn, beans and grains on a full moon, represents them being complete. For a child to be born on a full moon, represents a good omen.

To get married on a full moon, represents happiness and a house full of children.

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