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Nan Madol: The Greatest Archaeological SecretNan Madol: The Greatest Archaeological Secret
04 Mar.
Legends about lost civilizations like Atlantis and El Dorado have always piqued human curiosity with their mysteriousness. Along the coasts of Micronesia, there lies another strange island called Nan Madol...
The Zodiac Signs Made for Each OtherThe Zodiac Signs Made for Each Other
17 Feb.
According to astrology, some zodiac signs suit each other perfectly and are simply made for each other. They are the ideal couple in every aspect and it's never difficult for them to achieve harmony and...
Experiment Has Made Fish Walk on LandExperiment Has Made Fish Walk on Land
03 Sept.
Canadian scientists have conducted an experiment with fish to get them to walk on land, as happened in the dawn of evolution. The experts from McGill University have been working with the idea, which sounded crazy...
Noteworthy Discoveries Made Under the Influence of DrugsNoteworthy Discoveries Made Under the Influence of Drugs
09 Oct.
stimulate his brain function. During the 60s he led a group fighting for the legalization of cannabis. Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) Dr. Kary Banks Mullis also used LSD frequently and while under the drug's effects made...
Did the Predictions Made a Century Ago About the 2000s Come True?Did the Predictions Made a Century Ago About the 2000s Come True?
12 Dec.
More than a century ago, different prophecies all made attempts at guessing what life would be like in the 2nd millennium. Some of these predictions really did come true but others were just too fantastical. One...
The Mad Russian Scientist who Tried to Create a Human-Ape HybridThe Mad Russian Scientist who Tried to Create a Human-Ape Hybrid
07 Dec.
with failure, as locals were not particularly approving of his practice. Seeing that there was no more progress to be made there, he returned to Russia, bringing the orangutan Tarzan with him. Dr. Ivanov still held...
Dream of dancing classDream of dancing class
07 June
started taking over the world so my nan and pop my mum and mum's partner my sister me, and my friend and their family decided to go to the dome where they can go to the upside-down world when we got there we found a...
The mystery of the stone orbsThe mystery of the stone orbs
23 July
In 1930, after preparing the field for banana plantation, the first stone spheres were found - this is one of the strangest archaeological mysteries that have not been solved until today. Most are made of hard igneous...
An Entire 260 Giant Geoglyphs in the Kazakhstan Desert Confound ScientistsAn Entire 260 Giant Geoglyphs in the Kazakhstan Desert Confound Scientists
11 July
discovered figures were separated into 5 different groups, based on their form. They are rectangular, round, cross-shaped, containing lines only or swastika-like with 3 rays. The largest ancient drawing is a square made...
The mysterious stone spheres of Costa RicaThe mysterious stone spheres of Costa Rica
30 Nov.
In the forties of the twentieth century, in the tropical jungles of Costa Rica was made an extraordinary discovery - giant stone spheres that have been around the jungle. Some of them were on the ground, and others just...
Secrets of the mirrorSecrets of the mirror
20 June
Of all the objects there is hardly more mysterious than a mirror. Mirrors were made in ancient Sumer, India and Egypt. Originally they were made of obsidian, bronze and silver. Glass mirrors were first made in...
Importance of Netsuke FiguresImportance of Netsuke Figures
07 Jan.
with the power to influence human fate. Netske figures are different in shape, and made of different materials. Katabori is the oldest type of Netsuke, and depict the figures of animals and humans. Anabori is a sub...
Human Zoos - a Shameful Stain in Human HistoryHuman Zoos - a Shameful Stain in Human History
07 Feb.
The attitudes toward people of a different racial background was indeed horrifying at the start of the 20th century. And even though we've made significant progress when it comes to equal human rights, blacks lacked...
Amulets for Business and FamilyAmulets for Business and Family
03 May
There are gems that help businesses and protect from spells. Talismans to protect business people are made primarily of precious stones. They can be kept on the desk in the office or anywhere visible, to guard the...
Another mystery of Easter Island is revealedAnother mystery of Easter Island is revealed
22 Sept.
placed on the heads of some gigantic statues of people scattered over the surface of the island. Experts said that the hats are made of stone formed by an ancient volcano nearby. Each of them weigh several tons. It is...

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