Numerological Prognosis for the Week of October 23-29

To find out what life changes lie in store for you this week according to numerology, you need to calculate your personal number. It is the sum of the date, month and year of your birth.

The numbers 11 and 22 must not be added together because they are already karmic numbers according to numerology and bring additional opportunities, as well as responsibilities.

Keep adding up the digits until you get a single digit number or 11 or 22. For example, if you were born on July 20, 1953, add up the digits of the day - 2+0=2, month number 7, and finally the digits of the year - 1+9+5+3=9.

In this case, the personal number is the sum between 2, 7 and 9, which gives us 18. Add 1+8 one final time and the result is the single digit 9.

1. Focus - a tense week lies ahead

This week you're particularly curious and observant. It'll be easy for you to start a new job or learn a new skill. The only issue for you will be taking on too many projects at once. Try to remain organized and focused. Ignore all minute shortcomings or habits of those around you. Slow things down from time to time during this hectic week. Music may help you find peace and balance.

2. You have everything you need to succeed

You'll find the greatest satisfaction whilst in the company of your family and close friends. Take care of the people closest to you and you'll enjoy peace and stability. You may find yourself disappointed if you give too much and expect the same in return. Don't let your feelings of insecurity undermine your trust this week. You have all the resources you need.

3. Find a different audience

You have all the pretext to shine this week. This is the ideal time to dive into artistic and creative projects. That which you'll show the world has value. If others don't understand you or you don't feel comfortable, share your ideas and interests with a different audience. Don't mistreat others and don't be egotistical. Your warmth, humor and generosity of spirit have the ability to bring hope out on the front lines in these trying times. Devote yourself to activities that make you happy during the weekend.

4. Other people's shortcomings aren't your problem

You have the opportunity to slow your tempo down, to work persistently and make constructive changes. This may irritate others, who aren't as skilled and qualified as you are. You find it painful to watch others waste time or resources. It's important to let others handle things themselves. Stop spending so much time thinking about the shortcomings of the people around you. The greatest satisfaction for you this week will come from performing everyday tasks. Take the humble and positive approach and you're going to feel great.

5. Your persistence is going to be rewarded

You're going to enjoy opportunities for expanding your organizational and managerial skills. The important thing is to be confident. Your persistent work will be rewarded. Older individuals and those of higher positions may prove to be particularly helpful this week. It's possible that you're so focused on success that you ignore those with more sensitive feelings. You follow the rules and are especially effective when subjected to stress. But this may damage you emotionally and block the flow of real love.

6. Joint activities make you happy

You're going to have to break with tradition this week. It's time to appreciate diversity and allow for differences in opinion. Joint activities allow people to get to know each other better, even if at the workplace. Look for subjects in common. The period allows you to take a position on big issues that will benefit your group as a whole. During the weekend, relax in the company of good friends. Laugh any time you get the chance.

7. Prospect lies before you - seize it

You're going to have to invest extra energy into your work this week. Realistic prospects for career growth lie before you. If you're looking for work, this is the week in which you'll have to create new personal contacts in your search for something more stable. If you're feeling dissatisfied it means you're doing something that's not your true calling. Meaningful transformation is possible only if you work up the courage to pursue your true interests. You'll need to work a great deal to make your dreams reality.

8. Seek peace within yourself

This week you're going to gain a greater self-confidence. The material and spiritual worlds collide. Meditating and doing things you like will help you feel more concentrated. The goal this week is to become more confident and feel comfortable in your own skin. Music can have a strong and positive influence on your inner world. Sometimes it's good to take a step back from your hectic life in order to gain a better perspective on things.

9. Family problems aren't giving you peace

Turbulent times are coming in family affairs. The past is catching up to you. The most important thing right now is to consider the health problems which may develop in your family. The challenge before you is to transform your family conflicts by changing your attitude. The more gratitude, respect and understanding you show and impose, the better your chances for opening the way to healing on many levels. But someone has to take the step for this to happen.

11. Use your extra energy fruitfully

You're bursting with energy this week. You're going to gain a rush of extra energy and endurance. If you're not feeling optimistic, you need to make changes in your eating habits and exercise more. Something as simple as reducing the amount of sugar you ingest can improve your mood. Take maximum advantage of every opportunity. Right now, you can take on a leadership role successfully. Look before you leap. Always compile all of the facts before you act.

22. Small changes bring long-term benefits

Contact with nature gives you more strength and energy. Before you lies a week in which you'll need to focus on your resources. Think about what you can do to be more energy efficient at home, at work and while traveling. This will bring long-term benefits. This is not the time to keep doing things the way they've always been done. To deal with the stress, devote yourself to your favorite comfort during the weekend.

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