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Goodbye Summer! Future Volcanic Eruptions to Change Climate Dramatically

Throughout its long history, humanity has faced the destructive effects of volcanoes. From Vesuvius to Krakatoa, volcanoes have caused widespread destruction that future generations have and will remember. But their devastating force may end up nothing more than a memory, if the results of the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Colorado are confirmed.

According to these, in the near future, Earth's surface will be rocked by a series of powerful volcanic eruptions that will dramatically alter global temperatures and lead to a sudden and dramatic change in climate.

The study predicts that temperatures will drop by several degrees for an indefinite but extended period of time. The abrupt change will usher in cataclysms all over the world. Seasons will change to the point where there won't be 4 seasons in the temperate zones anymore but 3 because summer will become nonexistent.

As the starting point for their research, scientists focused on the cataclysmic eruption of Mount Tambora in Indonesia in April 1815. They've found that if a similar eruption were to occur now, temperatures would drop much lower than they did back in the 19th century.

Researchers posit that the purported difference in the climate's reaction between now and 1815 is due to the oceans, which are expected to become increasingly stratified and less capable of overcoming the climatic effects caused by volcanic eruptions as the planet warms.


In 1815, the violent eruption of Mount Tambora, Indonesia, lowered temperatures worldwide by several degrees. Although this may not seem like much at first glance, it inevitably led to millions of victims around the world. Asia, Europe, North and South America witnessed unforeseen famine due to crop failure and poor harvests.

Researchers have also analyzed the volcanic activity in Indonesia, which is one of the most highly active volcanic regions on Earth. They theorize that pressure has built up in Earth's crust due to the fact that there hasn't been any powerful eruption in nearly a decade. Additionally, they postulate that a Supervolcano eruption is expected within several years, the consequences of which will be felt all across the globe.

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