While we sleep, we scan information fields

Housewives and pensioners are among those that believe dream can come true, so the British sociologists have established. However, even scientists agree that dreams which foretell events are not unheard of.

Russian poet and novelist Mikhail Lermontov loved to solve complex mathematical problems. After coming across a particular difficult one, he saw a stranger in a dream, which suggested the right solution. He woke up and drew the stranger.

After many years of the portrait having fallen in the hands of many foreigners it turned out that the stranger was, John Nepar, the creator of the logarithms. Mikhail Lermontov lived for two centuries after the death of John Nepar and according to his contemporaries knew nothing of the famous Scot.

Abraham Lincoln, U.S. President, shortly before his death said he saw his coffin at the White House in his dream. He saw one of the guards with an honorary guard at the coffin, and heard: "The President. They killed him in the theater". 10 days after Lincoln was shot dead in the theater.

The history may indicate many more such examples. According to one of the theories from scientists, people derive information "Expelled" from reality that then becomes an organism with a certain frequency device that scans the information fields.

According to British neurologists what happens to the brain of a person during sleep, is close to the computer. The brain processes information gathered during the day and it joins with that which is in memory. Prediction dreams are a kind of assistant, who since childhood enables one to produce and refine their strategies of behavior.

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