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Could This be Atlantis? The Ancient City of Arkaim Hides a Great Secret

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Arkaim Restoration
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The legendary city of Atlantis has long been sought by researchers. Now, the ruins of a lost civilization, found in an unsuspecting area of the world could be the key to the mystery.

The problem with lost civilizations stems from the unclear descriptions about them. It is difficult to pinpoint the exact location of Atlantis. It's also completely possible that we've been searching for the legendary continent in the wrong place.

In 1962, Soviet satellites sent back remarkable photos of mysterious circles located in the steppes of the southern part of the Urals. There was no shred of doubt that these were the remains of an ancient civilization. What followed was analysis on the ground which uncovered an ancient city-fortress. Interestingly, it was dated as being as old as legendary Atlantis itself.

The name scientists gave the newly discovered city was Arkaim. It was built in a peculiar way, quite similar to the mythical Tibetan Shambhala. The same ring-like structures, a perimeter of double defensive walls were also uncovered.

Archaeologists came upon several circular zones, protected from the outside world by a tough outer wall, which was perfectly circular. Next they found a 6.5 ft (2 m) moat, apparently filled with water in the past. The city had a storm drainage system, each house had its own kiln, well and, curiously, a ventilation system.

Arkaim was truly unique to behold - it was constructed on several levels, i.e. the roofs of one level served as the streets of the next, even allowing for chariots. A sprawling plaza forms the very center, where enigmatic rituals were conducted.

This fantasy-like fortress was built following the laws of high-level mathematics. With extreme accuracy, 4 passages point to the 4 cardinal directions, a feat thought only possible with modern tools. It's no wonder then than it's earned the nickname of "ancient observatory".


Research indicates that Arkaim is 40 centuries old, meaning that this fantastic Ural stronghold had existed even before the heyday of ancient Egypt and is about as old as Stonehenge in England. The renowned legendary Aryans lived in it, comprising a highly developed civilization surpassing the Egyptians, Sumerians and ancient Romans. Supposedly they were a race of occultists and demigods, capable of using telepathy, levitation and communicating across the stars and cosmos.

So far there is no concrete evidence that Arkaim was indeed the legendary Atlantis. The very existence of such an ancient and highly advanced settlement, similar in its layout to the divine Shambhala, could simply indicate that we're looking for the ancient civilization in the wrong place. It could be anywhere, in the snows of Russia or beneath the ice of frigid Antarctic. And why not in the Mariana Trench?