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Isolated from the world Indian tribe lives in timelessness

Isolated from the world Indian tribe lives in timelessness

On our planet there are still human societies, untouched by civilization. BBC recently reported that in the wild forests of the Amazon, an Indian tribe there lives in timelessness.

The little society really has no idea of "time" as a term. It turns out that in their unique language has no word for time.

They do not count the hours, days, weeks or months. These Indians can not even determine their age. Within this tribe there is no language definitions for what happened back in the past.

However, representatives of the tribe Amondava tell of events, while respecting their coherence. However, they can not give a clear answer to the question what is the weather like concept.

Scientists studied this tribe of nearly a quarter century. From 1986 onwards researchers from the U.S. and Brazil are trying to unravel the mystery of why this society is not interested in the course of time and measuring its course.

It is interesting to note that although the civilized world is extremely dependent on monitoring the minutes and seconds, it appears that absolute time can never be measured. The only thing that makes modern societies, is to theorize time.

According to scientists, everywhere in the universe has its own time, which runs at different speeds. Already proven, as the atomic clocks in satellites sent into orbit around us count the time more quickly than those on Earth.

It appears difficult to give a single definition of the concept of "time". Standards for measuring time are periodic events and movements such as rotation of the earth around the sun and moon, the movement of the pendulum, etc.

Still, does time to run at a constant speed at any point in our familiar space? No. This proves the thesis that "time" is very general concept.