It Wasn't Drugs But an Arrhythmia that Finished Off Elvis Presley
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It Wasn't Drugs But an Arrhythmia that Finished Off Elvis Presley


Recently a new hypothesis surrounding the death of the King, Elvis Presley, stirred up fans and blew up all over the Internet. Research by a team of scientists from the University of Maryland has proven that arrhythmia, and not drugs, decimated one of the brightest icons of rock 'n roll.

Through DNA analysis of biological material taken from the King, the scientists managed to determine that the musician had a congenital heart defect. According to the team, it was this that killed Elvis, reports the Daily Mail. Until recently the official story surrounding the demise of the singer was that of a drug overdose.

The initiative for vindicating Elvis came from a group of his friends. They bought a lock of his hair at an auction from a barber that the King of Rock 'n Roll went to. As soon as they had gotten biological material for study, his friends gave it to researchers from the University of Maryland.

The results showed the presence of an inherited congenital heart defect. The disease was a hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, one that the star had carried with him since his birth, without realizing it. These completely unexpected finds show that Elvis Presley was predestined to leave this world still young, regardless of his way of life.

The King of Rock had died in his bathroom on August 16, 1977 at the age of 42. The scientists who carried out the study even admit that people with similar inherited diseases don't even make it to their 35th birthday.

Individuals from Elvis's inner circle remember, after the data became publicly known, that the singer did experience some of the symptoms characteristic of such a disease. He suffered from arrhythmia, faintness, weakness and high blood pressure.

Elvis's personal doctor was for years thought to be the one responsible for his death. But Dr. Stephen Kingsmore, who did the analyses, is adamant that Elvis had no chance of living past 42.



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