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Dazzling Green Cat Runs Around Varna for a Second Year

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Green Cat

A bright green cat has transformed into a real media sensation after being photographed walking in the streets of the Bulgarian sea capital Varna, inciting arguments because of its color.

Despite its color, the cat appears to be in perfect health. Even world media, such as the Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, Huffington Post and Independent featured stories on the unusual animal.

The Russian media RT first released the video with the green cat, with thousands of people on the Internet guessing as to how it received its unique decoration minutes later.

Most Varna residents believed that this was a case of severe vandalism. Some of them assumed that the alley cat slept somewhere where there was powdered paint left behind, that was dissolving in the rainy weather.

Some residents said that they had been keeping an eye on the animal for days, with it becoming greener with each passing day.

Veterinarians explained that it is probably food coloring since cats groom themselves with their tongue every day and if the paint was dangerous, the consequences would have been fatal by now.

In order to find the person responsible, a Facebook group was organized for people to share information on the case.

Ultimately it turned out that this was not a case of animal abuse. The cat painted its fur green after having slept in an ownerless garage for one night.

The owner of the premises is not in the country but there was green paint left over from previous construction activities. The cat entered the garage through a small opening and got the paint all over itself while it was sleeping.

Consequently, it spread the paint all over its fur while licking itself in an attempt to get the paint off. The nighttime lair of the feline is located just 165 ft (50 m) from the Medical University of Varna. Many people have tried to capture it but it is exceedingly distrustful and always runs far away.

Some residents from Varna add that last year they had also seen a green cat roaming the streets of the city.