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Angola was a dinosaur nursery

Angola was a dinosaur nursery

Angola was a huge kennel for dinosaurs in past times. In the bowels of the earth in the country lie the remains of thousands of ancient inhabitants of the planet.

During the sixties of the last century was the first signs that Angola showed evidence of dinosaurs having discovered the skeletal bones of the dinosaurs.

However along Angola there is forbidden territory for researchers because of the civil wars and the fights to repel the Portuguese from the local lands.

'So far the studies were too small because of the war. In some areas the the remains of dinosaurs are made up of rocks in the literal sense.' Reports Louis Jacobs, from the project Pelayo Angola.

Angola was a dinosaur nursery

The biggest finding yet was four years ago. Five bones from the right front leg of a sauropod dinosaur were uncovered on the Yembe coast.

The team of Pelayo Angola found more skeletons of turtles, sharks and water plesiosaurs.

'Angola is a wonderful place. It holds so much potential to discover more skeletons' says Jacob Louis.