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Discovered the tomb of Cleopatra and Mark Antony?

Discovered the tomb of Cleopatra and Mark Antony?

After April 20th a joint expedition of archaeologists from Egypt and the Dominican Republic began excavations in search of the funeral of legendary Egyptian queen Cleopatra and her favorite Marc Anthony, after scientists announced that they discovered the place where their remains are resting.

Experts believe that the couple were buried in tunnels under the temple complex in the ancient city of Magna Taposiris, located about 27 km from Alexandria. Disclosed personally from Egypt's leading archaeologist and director of the Egyptian Supreme Council for the monuments of antiquity, Dr. Zahi Hawass.

Decision of the excavation had finally been taken after a study area showed three deep wells in recently discovered necropolis of eminent Egyptians. One of which probably leads to the burial chamber of Cleopatra and Marc Anthony which, according to the historical sources were buried together. Dominican and Egyptian archaeologists will dig three sites along a tunnel.

In the press release of Dr. Zahi Hawass stated that radio location complex scan was performed after opening the temple in the necropolis near Taposiris Magna revealing the wells.

Detected is 7 of its 27 underground tombs, also discovering the 10 experts mummies, including two gold. This led Egyptologists to suggest that in or around the temple can be buried a senior representative of power of Ancient Egypt as officials and nobles often erected tombs for themselves near the funeral of their patrons.

In the complex in Magna Tapoziris, they opened to find the image of the head of Cleopatra, and with her image 22 coins, a bronze statue of Aphrodite and a mask, which probably belonged to Marc Anthony.

Discovered the tomb of Cleopatra and Mark Antony?

If the search for the tomb of Cleopatra is to be successful, according to Dr. Hawass it will be with the same comparable importance as with that of the discovery of the tomb Tutankhamun.

Born in 69 BC Cleopatra (Cleopatra VII Philopator), manages Egypt from 51 BC until her suicide on 12 August in the year 30 BC, after decisively defeating the forces of Marc Anthony and of troops Augustus in the sea battle near Actium (September 2, 31 BC).

Marc Anthony committed suicide a little earlier and died at the hands of the queen.