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Cancer Woman and Taurus Man Love Compatibility

Love compatibility

No one knows what's best - to have a lot in common with someone or to be completely different, in order to have a better relationship. No one can answer this question. It would be like asking whether blondes or brunettes are the better choice for a partner.

On the one hand, if we have a lot in common with someone, this would mean that we know what to expect, that we know how the person would react to certain things. On the other hand however, always knowing what they would tell you and seeing your own negative sides as if in a mirror in someone else is perhaps not the greatest thing.

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Yet, if you are way too different - you would constantly argue, you would never reach a consensus on a given issue. It is possible that sometimes you wouldn't even be able to come to an agreement about the simplest things because of your core differences.

Despite this, you'll always have the other point of view of your beloved, they would aid you in considering the other side of the issue.

And so, we once again reach the conclusion that love between people is spontaneous and different, it cannot be stereotyped or assigned positive or negative qualities.


The relations between a Cancer woman and Taurus man are polar opposites - in general they are of the couples that, according to astrology, have not much in common between them. The fascinating thing in their case is that even the small amount of things they have in common strongly attract them to each other and do not allow them to even think about ending the relationship.

Both are concerned with the home, are able to set aside money and spend it wisely and consult with each other when it comes to joint issues. That's what it means to have luck - you may only have 2 things in common with someone but for those to be the most crucial for the relationship.

A happy life together is on the horizon, especially if the stubbornness of the Taurus is not displayed too often. The Cancer woman is quite patient but he must be careful - her patience does have limits, and then things will substantially change for both of them.

There is no relationship without its problems and this one is no exception. What's more is that Taurus will be forced to give ground - something that sounds more than impossible to him. When it comes to the sexual experience, the Cancer woman and Taurus man are in their element.