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Scorpio Woman and Taurus Man Love Compatibility

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The relationships between people are in reality a type of game. Sometimes you must act a certain way in order for everything to be right between you.

Playing the game of communicating with people is no easy task and not everyone can do it. This means maneuvering all the time, for all expectations to be directed toward you - you are the balancer. And if you make a mistake one single time, you are punished.


That's why it's easiest and best to be yourself. To speak with others in the way that you feel, not in the way that you have to. Hiding your true emotions can lead to serious problems.

The Scorpio woman has no such issues. She plays no games when communicating - things are either black or white for her. She does not pretend to be a balancer, she does not like these types of people. In her view, every person must have a clear position.

She may give you many chances to express your feelings, especially if you are friends, but at a certain point she will stop giving new opportunities. This reminds of the Taurus man to some degree - he doesn't pretend to be someone else and does not show a false attitude, even if he knows it would bring him rewards.


He is a bit more restrained in his attempts to convince others of his position, unlike the Scorpio. That which mainly brings them together as a couple is the passionate nature and magnetic glance of the Scorpio woman and the mysterious persona of the Taurus.

These two will get along perfectly when it comes to intimacy. But there are other things that are important for building a fulfilling relationship.

Often you will squabble about each other's jealousy, sometimes even having fierce arguments, but that is all. Ultimately, you will come back to each other.

Your tempers will flare up quickly. The Scorpio female has a gift for it and the Taurus male is not far behind, but you will cool down even faster and make amends.

In order for things to build up to a more serious connection, the Taurus must open up his heart and show calm yet again to the Scorpio woman, who is unmatched in arguments.



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