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Life After Death Lasts Exactly 3 Minutes

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According to British scientists, life after death lasts exactly 3 min. This is the length of time our consciousness remains "alive", even if our body no longer functions.

The team from the University of Southampton came to this conclusion after conducting a thorough investigation in 15 hospitals throughout Great Britain, the US and Austria.

2060 patients took part in the study. It was found that a person remains awake up to 3 min. after the onset of clinical death. The experts term this condition as life after death.

Around 40% of the patients who have survived a cardiac arrest testified that they were aware of what was going on even in the time when their heart had stopped working and before their cardiac rhythm was restored.


"Our study showed that patients in such situations are able to perceive actual events, when their heart stops beating, " announced the head of the study Dr. Sam Parnia.

The medical team noted that the results of the study were quite shocking, since up until that point their facts had showed that consciousness ceases to function around 20-30 seconds after the heart stops, with a person returning from the beyond after their cardiac rhythm resumes.

Anesthesiologist Stuart Hameroff also revealed details on the theory according to which every person has a soul, which remains living even after their heart beats for the last time.

Man in Tunnel

According to him, once the heart stops beating, the information stored in our brain doesn't vanish but rather continues to flow in the universe.

This explains the white light at the end of the tunnel that people who have survived clinical death claim to have witnessed.

"Once the heart stops beating and blood ceases to flow through the blood vessels, the microtubules lose their quantum state. Despite this, the quantum information found in them is not destroyed, " clarified the anesthesiologist in front of Radar Online.

His study showed that the human soul is something much more fundamental than a pile of clustered neurons.