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Scorpio Woman and Virgo Man Love Compatibility


Some say that the Scorpio man and Virgo woman make a perfect union. Others argue that it is a combination that was born to destroy the best in each person.

Virgo and Scorpio are two of the zodiac signs that have a significant difference in their characteristics. Virgo is an earth sign. They follow what is regarded as socially acceptable behavior. They have excellent manners. They are fiercely practical and mainly business oriented.

Scorpio, however, is a water sign. They are benevolent, charitable and generous. They love cooperation and devotion with friends and family. They are highly emotional and fiercely possessive of their loved ones. But as they say, opposites attract and that is the case with the Virgo man and Scorpio woman. Their differences, in most cases, seem to complement each other, making the journey ahead, pleasant, if not relatively easy.

The main characteristics of Virgo and Scorpio are fully compatible. They share many basic personality traits. There are significant chances for a happy marriage. Librans are intelligent and sharp, Scorpios are strong, both will complement each other. He will look up to her strength and resolution, and she will honor his attempts to achieve perfection. They get involved masterfully when the other half fails and this leads to a harmonious picture. This relationship is mostly based on trust, loyalty and understanding.

The Virgo man is a special and loyal person, who values his family and friends. They are looking for perfection and are very careful when it comes to the exact details, a typical feature of the Virgo. Scorpio women are more free and imaginative than Virgo men. She is often jealous and passionate. A Scorpio woman is possessive of her man when in love and unwilling to share him.

A Scorpio woman can be seen as the secret fantasy of every Virgo man. Romantic passion and intensity are high, often leading to excess.

Sex is a strong point of emphasis in this match. There is a high degree of erotic attraction which Virgo and Scorpio enjoy, but sometimes, a male Virgo may not be able to answer the passionate side of the Scorpio lady. The miracle of their lovemaking will pull them together. While their relationship is productive, such as meeting goals or creating a family, they will have a good basis for compatibility.