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Virgo Woman and Pisces Man Love Compatibility

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The love between a Virgo woman and Pisces man is completely possible, even though both partners belong to opposite signs of the zodiac.

Both feel attraction toward each other, which will give rise to a beautiful love story. The charm of the Pisces man will make the Virgo woman dream and forget about reality. She, in turn, will give her partner a sense of reality, which he has as need of to feel more secure.

The female Virgo has both feet firmly planted on the ground, she is stable, attached to material values, while the Pisces male does not care at all about the material.


In their relationship, the Virgo woman will take on the leadership role. She will manifest as the protector of the family hearth. The Pisces man loves to wander in his dreams but his desire for stability will help him discover a potential in his partner, which will renew his contact with reality.

In gratitude for this, the Pisces man will bestow upon the Virgo woman all of his love and gentleness. The bad thing is that as the years pass, both partners will most likely become alienated from each other and each of them will live in their own world. Virgo will live in the world of reality, while the male Pisces will go back to the world of his fantasies.

Women of the sign of Virgo insist on excellent food, perfect clothes and the coziness of home. They usually own entire piles of shoes and the Pisces man happily enriches their collection.


The male Pisces loves to complain and the Virgo woman will be sympathetic toward him in this regard in the beginning of their relationship. As the years go by however, his constant complaints will agitate her ever more, until one day she admits to him that she's sick of them.

The Virgo woman would have a hard time resisting the seducer from the zodiac sign of Pisces. Before she surrenders, she will want to be courted, which is something easy for the Pisces man - he is in his element in that regard.

The gentle sensuality of the male Pisces will make the female Virgo dream of a life together with him right after the first date, but she will not reveal this to him.

When it comes to finances, they will have many disagreements. The Virgo woman is practical and does not like throwing money out the window, while the Pisces man is not so attached to them and spends them on all kinds of silly things with the greatest of pleasure.

The Virgo woman must make a compromise and understand that there are things more important than money. At the same time, the Pisces man must show understanding in regard to the pragmatism of his beloved and save some money for a rainy day, instead of spending them on exotic flower bouquets.