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Sagittarius Woman and Virgo Man Love Compatibility

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The romantic collaboration between the Virgo and Sagittarius is one of the most long-lasting. Virgo is very serious, while Sagittarius is playful by nature. In the beginning, the relationship may not be so fun, but the values and relations are formed with the passage of time.

A male Virgo is an incredibly stable personality, a realist, with high values in life. He can be very caring and devoted to his loved ones, but at the same time highly critical, often provoking hurtfully. The Virgo man usually has more than one problem.

They are personal, coming in all shapes and sizes. His life is often a huge mess. In the name of his beloved woman however, he is ready to give up his cherished existence as a loner.


The Sagittarius woman loves having fun and excitement in her life. She has the typical gentle sex appeal. It is in her nature to be honest with others. As a highly independent person, family is but one small part of the life of a female Sagittarius.

She is looking for one who can protect her - romantic, intelligent and honest. She herself is loyal and honest with the man she is in love with.

The Sagittarius woman puts her Virgo man on a pedestal, as the hero-protector that she has long been waiting for. This makes him feel more confident in himself. He enjoys the faith which she places in him. She has been disappointed many times by people she has loved.

The Virgo man can promise her that he will never leave her hurt. Together, they are open to the world, needing constant mental stimulation.


The female Sagittarius, with all of her attention and gentleness, gives the Virgo man a new outlook on life, filled with adventures and happiness. But sometimes she can be a burden on the man by her side, who requires solitude.

It is good for the Sagittarius woman to know that the Virgo man rarely makes promises which he can't keep. She is extremely vulnerable, while he is capable of protecting her and showing her the passion she needs. The warmth he shows her makes her feel as if she would be empty without him.

He fills the life of the Sagittarius woman with new expectations, which give her a new approach toward life. However, the Virgo man must never sacrifice his feeling of dignity and self-confidence, and especially his self-respect.

Bickering may arise between the Sagittarius man and Virgo woman, in which both are prepared to defend their position with strong arguments. When it comes to counteraction however, they ignore these moments out of fear of them ending their relationship.

Since the love between these 2 charming individuals grows with genuine dedication toward each other, the result of this unity is the blend of the earthly stability of love with the warmth of passionate fire.

The male Virgo understands the vulnerability of his delightful Sagittarius lady and becomes ever more expressive and attached to her, while she turns into a woman with an evermore powerful character, without losing her natural courage and elegance.