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Virgo Woman and Sagittarius Man Love Compatibility

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Running away from problems is an often seen practice in some couples. You know that something is causing a problem, you see and sense that it is growing, and even so, you try to ignore it. It is not particularly clear why people do that.

It is possible that they do not wish to argue, not having the desire to take part in disputes and it is simply easier for them to shut their eyes when faced with reality. Why pretend that no problem exists and then have a conflict explode, which none of you can extinguish?


The conflict will arise, simply because one of you has long pretended that the big elephant in the room does not exist.

In truth, no matter how much you avoid it, no matter how much you think that there is no problem - you will have to think more seriously. Sooner or later, the problem will come out in the open. And perhaps that is why it is best not to wait for it to grow but to solve it right away.

Hiding our heads in the sand like an ostrich is never a solution - no matter if talking about a personal, friend or work relationship. Because ultimately, we form relationships not with ourselves but with others.


And if there is a problem that is not yours, this means that the issue is troubling the other person. Ultimately, you love the person right? Why leave them to suffer?

In a couple like the Virgo woman and Sagittarius man, this problem does not sit on the agenda for long. They both share on the spot, especially the Virgo woman. No matter how gentle and patient she may be, she would never risk her relationship and comfort, she would confess what's bothering her right away.

But the relationship between the 2 of them will be strange in another aspect. Her vigor and desire for constant change will give the Sagittarius the feeling that he's not doing enough to keep her attention. What's worse is that the female Virgo won't even notice the anguish of her beloved.

They have different views on the important things in life. The Virgo woman is concerned with everyday issues, while the Sagittarius man pays more attention to philosophical or world issues - both are simply very different. Their problems will transferred to a sexual level as well.