Marfa Lights

Marfa Lights

The Marfa Lights can be seen about fifteen miles east of the town of Marfa, which is located in the U.S. , state, Texas .

The Marfa Lights attract a huge amount of tourists from around the world to the city. People who have seen it claim that the lights are flashing, disappearing and reappearing, jumping into the sky and changing.

The Marfa lights are attributed with mystical properties, but their origin is still unclear. Some believe that these are the souls of the dead, others see them as radioactive eruptions, and others - alien signals from space.

Witnesses say that sometimes the Marfa lights move towards people. Sometimes they look like huge puffs of light and after rushing to a person, stand directly over them. Then the light changes and the ball is green, then red and finally splits into two.

In most cases, the Marfa lights can be seen only from a distance. When someone tries to approach, they go away.

People have tried to pursue the Marfa lights on horseback, by SUV and running, but also by helicopter. Some have pursued them for miles, but they always get away. It is unclear where they come from, as traces of burning fires are never found, footprints, and how the lights appeared can not be logically explained.

The sight of the Marfa lights is incredible – the fireballs fly to the sky and then fly down to earth, all the while changing their color. Sometimes they darken, and then again light up brightly.

When it rains, there are no lights, but they come after rain and then the fireballs are interconnected with blue sparkles. Many scientists have tried to explain the origin of the Marfa lights - there were theories of static electricity, burning dust, mirages, electromagnetic energy, solar activity, but none of them has been confirmed.

Locals believe that Marfa lights are actually evil spirits that try to steal people's souls.