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Your birth date’s influence over your destiny

Your birth date’s influence over your destiny

Numerology has excited people for centuries. Numerological schools existed in ancient China, in ancient Greece, ancient Egypt, and even in ancient Japan.

It is believed that the date of birth of people - the day, month and year, will determine the quality of their personality and the direction of their life.

To get the number that affects your destiny, you have to do a simple addition of all the digits that make up the date of your birth.

For example, if you were born on May 15, 1973, you must collect all the digits 1 +5 +5 +1 +9 +7 +3 = 31. This yields a number that is greater than nine, as the basic numerology numbers are only nine.

Gather the two figures that compose this number, ie. 3 +1 = 4. This yields that the number of your life, in this case it is four. Each number has its own energy.

The number 1 means fame, tendency to become active, strength and pride. You are waiting for success, but only if you stick to linear behavior, if you avoid conflicts and watch the back of your friends.

The number 2 shows that you are balanced personality. You are always looking for a compromise, avoiding conflicts, but you pay too much attention to strangers at the expense of your relatives. Accept life as it is, in order to succeed. You will easily cope with any situation, but only if you work as a team with a friend.

The number three shows a person charged with a sharp mind and the ability to quickly absorb knowledge, but also to manipulate people. You are looking for easy ways and solutions to every problem and find them, you believe in your power, but the problem is that you rarely think about the future.

The number 4 grace people with diligence and sobriety. You avoid risks, preferring to get to success slowly, but surely. You can be counted on. Everything in life, you can achieve alone.

The digit 5 is characteristic of positive people that tend to go on adventures and take risks. They easily learn foreign languages and easily find a way out of difficult situations. They are constantly making plans for the distant future and not thinking about today.

If the number 6 is the number of your life, you are the people who make progress. There is no better performer at the work you do, you do not do it to get rich, but rather to get recognition.

The number 7 is mysterious, it combines mystery and knowledge. You are the romantic kind, which has highly developed intuition. This is the number of famous composers, musicians, philosophers and poets. Prefers to be alone and often suffers from depression . You can achieve serious success.

The number 8 represents courage, success in business, as well as strong will and character. You always follow through with your plans, they do not remain empty dreams. You are suitable for a politician, military leader and a serious businessman. Your friends are just people who match your social status.

The number 9 is the number of intelligence and creativity. You are a prominent representative of the arts. Success awaits you in the world of creativity. It is important to understand what attracts you and to follow your dreams, just so you can succeed.



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11.07.2012 22:32
umm.. mine adds up to 29. 2+9 is 11.. so is my life number 2?