What does it mean to dream of Blue?

1. Blue in a dream is a good omen. The color blue symbolizes wisdom, loyalty, honesty. The color blue is linked to eternity. Blue is the color of optimism..

2. Having dreams colored in blue too often may mean that you feel an unconscious desire to get far away, to run from the current situation..

3. A blue sky in a dream means that many opportunities will open up before you..

4. A blue hyacinth in a dream means that important news are on the way to changing your life..

5. A blue bird in a dream portends both good and bad. Whatever happens to you in the future won't be too good, nor necessarily bad..

6. Blue cheese in a dream is a portent of the possibility of someone scamming you. When you dream of this delicacy, there's a danger of you falling victim to your own greed and wastefulness..


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