I have had two dreams that for the life of me I can't define...but at the same time they are as clear as the nose on my face.

I was dating this man, but we were having difficulties in the relationship..it ultimately ended.

While we were still in the relationship (towards the end) I had a dream that I asked him is he was cheating on me because of our strained relationship and he hands me a letter, several pages long, very pale yellow paper. I wasn't able to read the letter because for some reason I woke up, but in bold-face capitalized lettering in the last paragraph on the first page is the word YES.

That dream was a year and a half ago, since then he and I stay in touch every once in awhile.

Two weeks ago, out of the blue I had the same dream with a few changes. He shows up out of nowhere and starts to hand me a letter several pages long with the same coloring and again, just as I get ready to read it, I wake up. But again there is one bold face capitalized word "LOVE".

As far is the first letter, I think that he had met someone else, and that was the reason for the strife, but the second letter is out of the blue and I believe he just recently starting seeing the same woman from before (they keep breaking up, and getting back together).

Can anyone help me with this?


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Comments (2)

25.12.2012 09:27
There's no doubt that that previous dream meant that he really had met someone else. Meanwhile this recent dream meant that he is loving you still. He realized that it was you whom he loved and loves still. The dream is very clear, and there can be no doubt in its meaning.
13.12.2012 17:35
Could mean alot of things.. Such as - he still loves you. But hides it because he thinks that you might not like what he has done.. Though it is a tough one..