What does it mean to dream of Glass?

1. Dreaming that you see glass, predicts that you have difficulties ahead, which you did not prepare yourself for.

2. To dream of healthy glass figurines or objects, indicates that you will have fun and will be flirting.

3. To dream of broken glass figurines, signifies that you may have damage and grief.

4. Dreaming of a glass frame or window, suggests that you will have gains and benefits.

5. To dream of broken glass, suggests loss, misery and anxiety.

6. Dreaming of streaky glass, indicates joy, a sign of futile ground and fraud.

7. To dream of embossed glass, indicates that you will have meetings or you will find something interesting.

8. To dream you see yourself in the glass, predicts that your ideas will be realized.

9. To dream that someone looks through the glass, suggests that you should not expect assistance and support.

10. To dream of stained glass, predicts that you are to be recognized by all, because of your abilities and because of great achievement.

11. Dreaming you step on broken glass, indicates that you are looking for problems.

12. To dream that you got glass, signifies something may threaten you, you should be alert and cautious.

13. To dream that you hear glass breaking, means you are to know about unpleasant news.


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