Swimming, swim

What does it mean to dream of Swimming, swim?
Swimming, swim

1. Dreaming that you see someone swimming, means you will have luck.

2. To dream of swimming in a river, suggests that you will have financial and business progress.

3. To dream of some unknown man that swims, predicts that you will have a new partner in the workplace.

4. To dream that you swim, signifies that you will rely on your own abilities to deal with a severe situation.

5. To swim in the pool, means you have people around you whom you envy and are enemies.

6. To dream of a woman you do not know swimming, predicts that you are to love.

7. Dreaming that you swim naked, suggests that the success is to you.

8. To dream you swim in the sea, means you will dedicate life's pleasures.

9. To dream that you swim in the lake dam, signifies that something will intrigue you.


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