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Monthly Numerology Prognosis for JanuaryMonthly Numerology Prognosis for January
06 Jan.
Treat your setbacks as a chance to learn something new. A positive attitude will take you farther than all of the money in the bank. 22 - A bold idea will dominate your consciousness this month....
Numerology Prognosis for NovemberNumerology Prognosis for November
01 Nov.
Money won't stick around for long because there's going to be a trend toward spending for fun and luxury items. Don't make large investments because things aren't at all what they seem....
Pisces Woman and Cancer Man Love CompatibilityPisces Woman and Cancer Man Love Compatibility
18 Feb.
The female Pisces should tread very carefully whenever discussing sensitive issues with her male Cancer, since she may easily insult him....
What Does the Mustache Symbolize?What Does the Mustache Symbolize?
06 Nov.
The trend for men to walk around with a prominent display of facial hair has its fans among the fairer sex also. Mustaches and beards have long been symbols of might and power....

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