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What to Expect Until May 10 According to the HoroscopeWhat to Expect Until May 10 According to the Horoscope
05 May
Virgo - You are entirely subservient to your emotions Your emotions and passions will reach their peak this week....
Seven Types of Character Based on Facial FeaturesSeven Types of Character Based on Facial Features
08 June
The comics are joyful and well-meaning people but don't always treat their responsibilities seriously. The Priest The priest has an almond-shaped face, full lips and catlike eyes....
Feng Shui Horoscope 2014 for the DogFeng Shui Horoscope 2014 for the Dog
06 Aug.
You will have new acquaintances, whom you must treat with the necessary amount of respect because they will provide you great benefits....
The Strangest Beliefs about HalloweenThe Strangest Beliefs about Halloween
31 Oct.
Hand in hand with their kids, they will roam from house to house, uttering the words, "trick or treat"....
Your Horoscope for Today - May 5Your Horoscope for Today - May 5
05 May
Today, the Moon continues its trek through the fiery sign of Aries. Since it is waning, this also leads to a decrease in our vital energy....
The Most Accurate Weekly Horoscope for all Zodiac Signs Until February 6The Most Accurate Weekly Horoscope for all Zodiac Signs Until February 6
30 Jan.
Perhaps this is the time to sign up for a sport or make your first winter mountain trek. But do not go alone under any circumstances, instead invite your friends - this way you'll have more reasons worth celebrating....
10 Cats and Dogs of Magical Origin10 Cats and Dogs of Magical Origin
12 Apr.
It was thought to help treat insomnia, toothache, rheumatism, arthritis and other diseases. It was also believed that the Mexican Hairless dog could scare off evil spirits and chase away intruders....
Strange burial rituals from around the worldStrange burial rituals from around the world
03 Dec.
It can take years, and in that time his relatives treat him as ill and talk with him every day. After the holiday, a coffin with the body is placed in a natural hole in the rocks....
Your Horoscope for Today - March 22Your Horoscope for Today - March 22
22 Mar.
Be mindful of how you treat others and loved ones because you have a tendency toward a reckless and rude attitude. Scorpio - The key word today is moderation....
Check Your Horoscope for Today - March 1Check Your Horoscope for Today - March 1
01 Mar.
You'll be tired at the end of the day but you will know you've completed most of the work and can treat yourself to a fancy dinner....
Man Blames Evolution for his AggressionMan Blames Evolution for his Aggression
19 Jan.
The results point to an interesting trend - in mammals, barely 0.3% of kills are committed by members of their own species. In prehistoric times, the percentage was higher - 2%. Which is over 6 times the norm....
Numerology Prognosis Until December 4Numerology Prognosis Until December 4
28 Nov.
Your natural charm and diplomacy are definitely at their peak this week. The time is suitable for travel. But your nerves will be on edge. Expect happier times to come in the near future. Go outside....
Numerological Prognosis Until December 7thNumerological Prognosis Until December 7th
02 Dec.
Don't act with superiority toward others and don't treat them as unworthy. 5 - The energy this week is perfect for travels. You can try to expand your horizons by reading more books or watching movies....
The Mystery of the Imperishable SaintsThe Mystery of the Imperishable Saints
27 Mar.
Touching it is said to treat terminally ill people. Another incorruptible saint is Saint Simon, whose relics are kept in Trieste. The phenomenon of imperishability still can not find a logical explanation....
Your Horoscope for Today - March 12Your Horoscope for Today - March 12
12 Mar.
Even if troubles do appear, treat them with irony and sarcasm and they'll go away quickly. You'll infect everyone with your smile today....