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Ancient Myths Based on Real EventsAncient Myths Based on Real Events
01 Nov.
The Thunderbirds which the Indians spoke of most likely referred to the prehistoric bird Aiolornis, whose wingspan reached up to 16 ft (5 m)....
The Most Evil Women in HistoryThe Most Evil Women in History
27 Jan.
Testimonies spoke of relentless beatings for extended periods of time, the use of needles, the burning or mutilation of hands, as well as of the face and genitals at times....
Myths, Legends and Facts about the MoonMyths, Legends and Facts about the Moon
12 Sept.
The diamond became the moon of the galaxy shining in the dark nights, the queen kept her necklace as she spoke we can see the moon! Legend tells of a time when there was no moon and no sun....
Edgar Cayce and the messages in our dreamsEdgar Cayce and the messages in our dreams
28 July
Cayce often spoke of spirits of past beloved ones entering dreams, exactly how the Bible tells of angels speaking to people....
Tales of Alien abductionsTales of Alien abductions
08 July
They spoke strangely, like chirping birds. The blonde tried to grab Peter, but he bit her ear. Then the two disappeared, and Peter found a blonde hair, which he put in a bag....
Four World Mysteries That Remain UnsolvedFour World Mysteries That Remain Unsolved
13 Apr.
The Lost City of the Kalahari William Hunt, known by the pseudonym Guillermo Farini, spoke of a mysterious city in November 1885 which he came across in the Kalahari Desert....
The Most Heated Rivalries in HistoryThe Most Heated Rivalries in History
20 Jan.
But this wasn't enough for the painter and he began propagating a series of comic poems in which he spoke of how he used Baglione's paintings as toilet paper....

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