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More sleep, smarter childrenMore sleep, smarter children
30 Mar.
Less than 6 hours of sleep reduces the child\'s intellectual level of 20-30%, scientists have calculated. Their conclusion is that kids have to go to bed on time and not hang with the adults at the table or watching TV. Especially...
Lack of sleep can literally drive you madLack of sleep can literally drive you mad
25 July
Even young people in perfect mental health are at risk of diseases of the nervous system if you sleep less than five hours a day. This claim Australian researchers, who studied more than twenty thousand people at the age...
Is your child an Indigo?Is your child an Indigo?
23 Feb.
Children who have super intellect are more vulnerable to stress and troubles, say U.S. researchers. They studied more than 50 children who are considered \"Indigo\", their aura is dark purple in color and they are very smart...
Pick a Flower Bouquet! Find Out What Summer has in Store for youPick a Flower Bouquet! Find Out What Summer has in Store for you
29 June
Dying to peer into the near future and find out what summer has in store for you? You don't need tarot cards or coffee divination. Simply pick 1 of the 8 flower bouquets. See what each symbolizes and find out what...
Honey against sleeplessnessHoney against sleeplessness
13 Mar.
Honey can be used as a sleeping pill not only in warm water or milk – it is a recipe for treating insomnia, known for centuries, are not just one or two. For example, two weeks in a row you can drink honey with water...
Angelic Phrases with Which to Change your Life!Angelic Phrases with Which to Change your Life!
12 July
Doreen Virtue is an American clairvoyant, doctor of psychology, spiritual healer and author. She gained popularity around the claim that she communicates with angels. For years now, Dr. Virtue has been leading seminars...
Nightmares are usefulNightmares are useful
31 Mar.
Nightmares play an important positive role in human life, say German researchers. Unpleasant dreams of adults indicates problems related to their psychological and physical health, they also help children to cope with stress...
What your Dreams about Food RevealWhat your Dreams about Food Reveal
08 May
Eating is a vitally important process and takes up a significant portion of our lives. After eating at least 2-3 times a day, it's normal for food to, at some point, start appearing in our dreams. But what is its role...
What Kind of Love Thrills Await you if you Dream of a Rose?What Kind of Love Thrills Await you if you Dream of a Rose?
09 Mar.
Flowers are symbolic and roses are no exception. Red roses, for example, are linked to love, passion, admiration. In dreams, roses also have their own significance, one that is usually associated with romantic experiences...
Thinking about a loved one reduces physical painThinking about a loved one reduces physical pain
24 Feb.
They say that love hurts however, it just may help us to cope with physical pain. U.S. scientists studied the tolerable ability of pain in the different ages of women. While some injurious women held the hands of volunteers...
Dreams About HairDreams About Hair
25 Apr.
Combing your hair in a dream can be a sign of your desire to get out of a sticky situation. Getting a haircut portends new ventures. If in your dream, you put a lot of gel in your hair, this reveals your willingness...

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